Jul 18

3 Tips for Finding a Florist

Flowers have always been at the top of the priority list for my wedding. They should be there to complement, but not overwhelm, and finding the right florist is no small task. When researching florists, I kept these key factors at the top of my mind: matching style and aesthetic, on the same page in terms of wedding vision, and creativity. After many considerations, we selected Kindred Blooms!

Matching Style and Aesthetic

It’s important to find a floral designer who has a style and design aesthetic that you love. When looking for the right fit, I made sure to pay attention to florists’ use of color and their overall style, and highlighted florals I was drawn to on their website portfolio and social media pages. I chose Kindred Blooms because I loved their look and feel, and their ability to transform a space into a dream! I also really connected with their organic blooms and natural creations that have movement, without going too over the top. Their signature style and creativity are exactly what I was looking for.

On the Same Page


Before our first meeting, I emailed over my wedding mood and style board. I wanted to make sure Kindred Blooms had a good feeling of what Bryan and I wanted for our big day, and also felt comfortable with the overall design. When it came time to sit down and go over the nitty-gritty wedding details, we were already on the same page. They were able to look at the design and run with it, making suggestions that I wouldn’t have thought of. I knew right then and there that I could trust them with our vision. It was evident that they were going to be perfect for the job!


Being in a creative role myself, I know how important it is to have a little freedom with designing. Often designers produce their best work when given free reign during the process. I wanted to be sure Kindred Blooms had this opportunity. Since we were already on the same page with the general look and feel, I feel comfortable letting them work their magic.

These florals are from our big day and I couldn’t be happier on how they turned out!

Images by Amanda Nippoldt

  1. I had no idea florists could help you choose flowers to use when celebrating an event. I heard my brother wants to surprise his girlfriend with a gift she wouldn’t expect on their 5th anniversary. Maybe we should find a flower preservation service to help him in the future.

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